ChangeMate screenshot

ChangeMate is a beautiful and efficient currency converter that perfectly integrates itself in your workflow. The app aggregates the exchange rates provided by different central banks around the world to give you the most accurate and up to date information. You can access ChangeMate directly from the menu bar or through its widget in the today extension panel in OSX. ChangeMate works just as well when you don't have internet access, allowing you to keep converting even without a connection.


AdMate screenshot

AdMate is an app that allows you to quickly check your AdMob & AdSense data right from your notification center. AdMate comes with a companion app that mirrors the content of the widget. The app allows you to plot graphs of your ads performance.


TvMate screenshot

TvMate is a simple and efficient TV shows tracker. The app keeps track of your favorite shows and gives you up to date information on the previous and upcoming episodes right from your notification center. TvMate allows you to quickly check the status of a show, find out what was the last episode or when the next one is coming out.